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The process of finding a rental of your liking can be challenging at best, the first step is to have a clear idea of where you would like to rent and also consider the surrounding areas. Have a list of referees you can call upon that can vouch for you if this is your first time renting. What your budget is, you don’t want to over-commit financially and put yourself in a situation where you would end up struggling to pay the rent. Other factors to consider would be location and infrastructure, such as shops and public transport. Do your homework, look at different real estate agents, look on their websites or drop in and pick up their latest rental booklets (catalogues) to compare what’s available on the rental market.

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Though we know Canberra is the capital city in Australia and Australian politics, not much has been talked about it in terms of living there compared to other cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Canberra was recently mentioned on Channel Ten’s [10’s] the Project being described as an ideal place to live. Nice surroundings and lush environmental settings with a very friendly feel from the locals who live there, however the night-life could do with a little more activities.

The cost of living is comparable and pretty much on-par with the other popular cities, the only downside would be the weather during the night time, if you are already complaining about the Melbourne cold, that’s nothing compared to the ACT as it can almost reach sub-zero.

On the bright side though, there are many national attractions to visit and see (free of charge), such as the -
• Australian War Memorial
• National Gallery of Australia
• National Portrait Gallery
• National Museum of Australia
• National Archives of Australia
• National Library of Australia
• National Film and Sound Archive
• Canberra Glassworks

The median level of housing costs apparently are (current figures as of today’s date);
• 3 bedroom house rent: $430 per week
• 3 bedroom house price: $535,000.00
• 2 bedroom unit / flat / town house rent: $392.50 per week
• 2 bedroom unit / flat / town house price: $420,000.00
• Vacancy rate: 4.2%


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The RentWith team takes great pleasure to announce that the option to list your rental property on is now here. We have been working hard for several months with bringing this feature to the site, however, we are still working on minor issues to optimise performance. We are in beta stage at the present time, we really appreciate your support and keeping up with our progress. We also look forward to your feedback as it helps us to continually improve your experience with using our services.

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It is only in the vast reaches of the outback that you will come across the very essence of Australia. If you ever wished to journey through one of the most astonishing landscapes on earth, then you must surely not skip the Red Centre. There, you can marvel at the landforms of the region and find out how they formed, see the luminous night sky full of million stars, and discover the fascinating local flora and fauna.
With dozens of tours, local activities and attractions within the Resort and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, you’ll be sure of one thing: your days will be action-packed. Whether you're wondering about the ancient culture of Anangu or simply swaying astride a camel, you have entered a place full of wonder.
Ayers’s Rock, or Uluru, offers not only a beautiful vista and fascinating legends, but also unforgettable experiences. Among the many things you can do there, are indigenous guided tours, through which you can learn of the Aboriginal traditions from the local Indigenous guides.
Also, if you’re into exploring and the great outdoors, you can enjoy a session of sunrise and sunset viewing over Uluru. When the sun hits the Rock just right, it’s magical! Or, you can embark on a fact finding journey through the southern night sky. Simply take a moment to explore the night with telescopes and binoculars – who knows what you can find?
Now, if you’re a little bit on the adrenaline junkie side, rest assured, you can enjoy scenic flights and motorcycle tours! Sweep over the spectacular Rock for amazing close ups or see the Uluru for the first time from the back of a Harley Davidson!
Throughout the year, Ayers Rock plays host to a number of special experiences and major annual events. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit one of the great wonders of nature, only here in Australia.

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Ah, Australia. Land of the sun, surfers’ paradise, golden sand beaches and laid back people. But this beautiful continent is so much more than that! There are many places to see and many things to do - not to mention the culture! Even though there are some differences between the aboriginal and the white communities, there is still a vast amount culture within Australia worth learning about. What is more, every state has its main city and every city has a great night life.
Speaking of cities, you have surely heard of Sydney and Melbourne. These two jewels are not only the main capital cities, but also the perfect places to live in, should you find yourself in Aussie land.
Take Sydney, for example. At first glance, it has everything: stylish and casual laid-back lifestyle, beautiful beaches, gorgeous harbor and temperate climate that bares more than 300 days of sunshine per year. This probably why so many tourists visiting Sydney never leave!
Now, with all its natural charm and amazing lifestyle, you should know that Sydney is also one of the best places for long term commitments aka settling down and raising a family.
The other capital city of Australia would be Melbourne. You know, the world’s most live-able city worldwide! It’s not even difficult to see why. Melbourne is an attractive city that brims with top-notch infrastructure and facilities. Living conditions are simply sublime!
Melbourne is also a multicultural city with considerable populations of over 150 world nations represented. Its communities include people from Indonesia, UK, Somalia, Italy, Greece and many more! Melbourne is a great place for students as well, with about 55% of students living in the city being international students.
So what are you waiting for? Come and visit one of these great and exciting cities, but be warned! You might just fall in love so hard with them that you will never leave!

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